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Surprise Lessons from a Birchbox Review

Auditing more beauty boxes, I soon came to the uncomfortable truth: The most socially conscious thing is to not buy what you don’t need. And these I didn’t need.

Review: Bake Everything Leakproof Standup Containers

Bake Everything is a scammy Chinese company with worthless products that they don’t allow you to return for any reason. DO NOT BUY.

Affiliate Recommendation: Carmen del Sol

Carmen del Sol features 100% recyclable and sustainably made jelly products, designed in New York and made in Italy. Socially conscious recommendation!

Review: Indosoles

Status: Recommended My second pair of Havianas gave out, and it was time to find a replacement. After assessing how socially conscious my summer wardrobe was (video below or linked here), I knew it was time to find a socon flip flop replacement. And… Continue Reading “Review: Indosoles”